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My 2 Cents

Our world is a complicated place, our race is a complicated race, the physics of the universe, and how/why we're here, is complicated. All of the above are so vast, so diverse in explanation, that one could say that we aren't intellectually capable of understanding everything to a final conclusion of fact. But we are getting there. My views and beliefs are vast, complicated, and intense. It would be hard to explain what I see through my eyes, as I'm sure that most people would agree is the same with their views/beliefs. I may not be right, but within my own personal deliberation, it makes sense to me, and what I feel is right, I believe to be unchallengeable. This is not a call for you to challenge my beliefs, as they are mine to choose, as yours are yours to choose. I never pass up an opportunity to share my beliefs, and receive logical feedback. I may be wrong in what I think is right, so intellectual debates are preferred, as opposed to just being told I'm wrong.

I created this website to share information. To influence intelligence, and critical thinking. This will be the focus, however, over time, I will be basically writing a book, here on the site. The link will be available soon, and it will be added to progressively, editing will also happen progressively. This means you can basically read as I write, and when it's done, it will be an in depth look into my views and beliefs.

I feel the world needs help. I don't feel that I can help much, as I'm one of 7 billion people on this planet. I don't think I'm the messiah, or a prophet, or something special. I'm just a dude, trying to do my part, trying to do what's right, not for me, but for our species, as we all should do. I belief the egotistic, self centered, separation of our species will be the death of us. We need to stop fighting each other, trying to be better than one another, and work together. The processing power of the human brain is far greater than we understand. The ability of our species as a whole is far greater than we understand. The meaning and vastness of life in the universe is far greater than we understand. We shouldn't be at any conclusions at this point. It's time to evolve mentally, as a whole, as a species.

My personal story will come soon, watch for the link!
In the mean time, please explore the site, keep an open, but critical mind, and learn to expand your knowledge, constantly, because you as a human being can be way more than you believe you can be!

I love you all, I hope the best for our race. It starts with me, it starts with you, we can be re-written, we can be re-wired, because we all have The Power Of Choice.


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 Please explore the website, to inform yourself of information and truths that every single human being on this beautiful planet deserves to know. I think most important, would be the "Links" page. This is where most information on this website is stored. Look around, learn, and share with everyone you know!



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