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Welcome to the news! Here I'll basically be posting updates on the website, or current events or whatever seems important to note. The links page is constantly updated as I come across new and interesting information, and as suggestions come in to other links I should put into the links page.

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Website updated!

Posted by Power of Choice on February 10, 2011 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

Thanks again for visiting Power of Choice! Please become a member! I'm really trying to push a growing member base on the website, as I'm interested what will come of the communications that could take place via Power of Choice communication methods.

Website has been updated.

Feb, 10/11

Links page,

Quantum Physics section added.

Home Page,

Disclaimer added.

Thank you everyone, live well, and love and forgiveness to all!

Looking for Feedback

Posted by Power of Choice on January 29, 2011 at 3:01 AM Comments comments (0)

Hello everyone, and thank you so much for coming! I am doing all I can to make this site the best that I can, and I'm looking for some feedback from you!

What would you like to see here?

What don't you like, or what is needed?

What links would you suggest?

What reliable streams of factual information do you know of?

What are your suggestions for a method of creating a Power of Choice community?

       *ex. chat, forum, etc.

Thank you again for visiting, and your feedback would be greatly appreciated! Any suggestions or concerns not listed above are also more than welcome!



Posted by Power of Choice on January 27, 2011 at 5:18 AM Comments comments (0)

Do you have a smart phone? Blackberry, iphone?

Power of Choice has now gone mobile! Log on to Power of choice via your smartphone, and experience the website in a new way!

Zeitgeist 3 NOW RELEASED!

Posted by Power of Choice on January 27, 2011 at 3:09 AM Comments comments (0)

Zeitgeist 3 - Moving Forward, is now released online for free! Download, stream, copy, share, all for free!

Zeitgeist the movie, Zeitgeist - Addendum, and now, Zeitgeist - Moving Forward

This documentary trilogy will change your life.

It is imperitive that every single human being on earth watches this trilogy, learning the real truths, the real problems, and some real, possible answers.

We all owe it to ourselves to learn this information. It's time for an evolution of human's understanding of the earth, our lives, and the universe.

Watch the Zeitgeist trilogy, and open your eyes to what life can really mean!

Share this knowledge with every single person you know! Nothing else could be more important, as an immediate action is necessary to avoid the point of no return!

The beginning.

Posted by Power of Choice on January 27, 2011 at 3:03 AM Comments comments (0)

Welcome to the beginning of my creation.

Yes, I've created Power of Choice on a free-based website provider, webs.com. I may eventually pay for a host, but for now, it can not be afforded. I will attempt to make this site as informative and useful to everyone worldwide, as possible, given the tools I have to use here on webs.com. Please become a member, and share with everyone you know. We all deserve the right to know, and we all deserve the power of choice when it comes to what "Society" means. Thank you for your interest, and your patronage. We are all in power, this is our world. We must take it back, and restore our mother, therefore ourselves.